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letscolourthemoon asked: Relax,don't sweat it! I'm sure you'll find the tickets on ebay or similar. It's happened the same thing to me about Paul McCartney's concert. A lot of people sell their tickets, don't worry :) <3 <3 <3

I hope I can get this, thanks for the support dear

nomedejanada asked: Happened the same to me in Colombia. But there's like three round. I already bought mine y the second round

I’m trying :(

likethefuckinggalaxysedge asked: Aw don't worry! Was that the actual sale or pre sale? I missed out as well when they came to my city but a few months afterwards I kept checking ebay and gumtree (I think that might only be in Australia) but yeah I managed to get two tickets I had to pay a but more but it was worth it!

The sale started yesterday on 00:00, when was 00:05 the tickets sold out, now I don’t know what I do because isn’t easy to these good bands come to Brazil, since 2011 I wait for this moment. I changed my birthday party to see them I changed everything to see them!!! And now┬áit happened. But I don’t will give up, I’ll try until november I PROMISSE!

Anonymous asked: Heeeey, don't give up! I'm sure a lot of people will be selling theirs when it will be closer to the gig!

I hope :(