We live in Sheffield and we write about the things we see here, what else is there to write about?
Anonymous asked: Hi Alex, who's your favorite band member?

Me, of course


blondosonichellcat asked: your reaction gifs and responses to those anons fuel my soul, keep it up bby

Thank you so much babe

Anonymous asked: uh, alex can i get a picture with you kissing me on the cheek


Anonymous asked: Hi Alex, do you have any relationship with the owner of this blog? heehhehe

Ohh yes we are very close, especially at night

Anonymous asked: who do you call when you're high?

Next time I get drunk

Anonymous asked: omg really? hi, im gonna see you in sf in two weeks. do you like san Francisco? oh and btw can i kiss your cheek m8

Yeah course, San Francisco is a good place to be. And yes you can kiss my cheek

Anonymous asked: What do you like to do when you go out?

I like going to pubs, and maybe a cine

staringintomy-eyes asked: what do you think when you write the lyrics of songs?

I always think if I’m doing the right thing

whatareyoul8kingat asked: I like it when you run like a penguin

I run like a penguin?

Anonymous asked: Hey Alex, why is Jamie the coolest member in the band?

I don’t know, maybe his blue eyes give him some authority

Anonymous asked: Babe, take me home?

Uhh yeah, I’ll look for my car keys wait

paraxmores asked: Alex turner you are a sex god sincerely all your fans

Really? Oh gosh that’s new for me

Anonymous asked: Miles told me he wants you down in all fours

Uhh said him I’m to busy being yours to fall for somebody new